More discussion about how antidepressants could "silence" writers

The link specifically calls bullshit on the book that laments what all these brilliant writers would lose if they had medicated their depression - the book also glosses over the fact that they all either killed themselves or drank themselves to death, something most consider more “silencing” than antidepressants.

Books like this terrify me. I know there are creative people out there who have mental illnesses and need help, and they will read this book and think, “Well shit, I’m not doing THAT! I will lose my genius!”

I am an anecdote, not part of data in a study, but here’s my story: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I didn’t take it seriously until I got on antidepressants. Then the fog lifted, and I had the energy to think, to write, and to believe in myself

Depression isn’t romantic. Your tragedy is not a benefit. If you hope your early death will hope someone recognizes your genius in 100 years, then your priorities are seriously fucked up.

And I know drugs aren’t always the answer. But if you have a mental illness like depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety disorder, or worse, then you need help. Drugs may do it. Therapy may do it. Better living may do it. But your illness isn’t making anything in your life better, not even your creative brilliance.

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    If I didn’t have my antidepressants, I wouldn’t even have the energy to write anything at all. I’d put all my effort...
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    The creativity was blunted severely when I started mood stabilizers. So was the depression, and the desire to kill...
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    Best way to get stabbed in the face is try saying something like that in front of me. Sadly the biggest down side of...
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    I find that whether I’m off or on meds, I still can’t write. But really, if anyone is worried about stifling their own...
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    My sister has been developing and writing a story since she was 12 years old. The books are coming together well now,...
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    Seriously. Yeah, you need the right meds, and not having those could cause some side effects, but denouncing them...
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