I’m small, but still sorry

I’m small, but still sorry

Regarding the Hugos and the mess behind certain folks gaming the system, my stance was pretty much John Scalzi’s stance, that we can just read the works and vote as we see fit. Lately there have been several rebuttals to it, and they contain very good points.

His response was classy, as the guy tends to be. I am much smaller, and pretty sure I didn’t get blogged about (at least, no one emailed…

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How We Win


Trigger warning: slurs, ableism, racism, sexism, transmisogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-semitism, colonialism.

I know I can afford very little of the grief that people who read this post will give me. I know it will probably come from both sides. And from other sides I’m not even suspecting, as has happened in the past during these kinds of situations (I’m looking at you, RaceFail ’09). But I’m…

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The great opt out. I love it. Thanks for pointing out some flaws in my argument.

ISBW #320 - Just a little bit of depression // Adam Christopher Interview

ISBW #320 – Just a little bit of depression // Adam Christopher Interview

Depression sucks. Many people talk about it.

But paying it forward is nice, as PJ Schnyder is doing at RT Booklover’s Convention.

The Hugo slate was announced. There are many things to be happy and annoyed about. But the core issue is, read the works, vote as you see fit.

PrintAnd we talk to Adam Christopher, author of the Burni…

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My open tabs

Been doing a lot of thinking. Had a light week with Jim out of town and taking the kiddo to an amusement park, the Hugo/Campbell nominees announced, Easter, gardening, etc. So I am looking at a great deal of stuff in my browser and thought, heck, I’d write about my open tabs.

  1. Email. Duh. But! Someone said that if you write /ponies in G-chat that you would get, well, ponies. Like Twilight Sparkle…

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Update on recording

I recorded a show this week, and discovered the audio file got corrupted. i have to record again, which is sad-making. I’ll try to get it done this weekend and struggle back into a regular schedule.

This week I went to Busch Gardens with the kiddo, where we discovered that people do not want to go to an amusement park when there is the threat of rain, even if it’s lovely and mild, but if it’s 40…

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Captain Spaulding Videos on their way!

Captain Spaulding Videos on their way!

I had a barrel of problems with video, again. Sometime I think Final Cut has it in for me. But we have the first video where Jim and I test two recipes.

Considering the weird legalities with contests, I’m just going to send a signed book to everyone who sent me a recipe. I’ll be emailing people for addresses soon!

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Latest News, events, travel, cons, etc

Latest News, events, travel, cons, etc

Sorry for the radio silence last week, folks. Got hit with some mild depression and did a lot of offline stuff. I’m back, and working, and recording, and writing. But some news in brief:

  • As of noon EST, the Storium Kickstarteris at nearly $22,000! That means it could possibly reach its goal of $25k in one day. And then we have 29 more days to work on stretch goals, and I know they’re pretty damn…

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Storium Kickstarter Launches Today!

Storium Kickstarter Launches Today!

Today marks the beginning of the Kickstarter to support a project that I’m connected with on a number of levels: Storium. I’m extremely excited about this project, as it merges storytelling and online interactivity in a way I’ve never seen before. I’ve been thrilled to work with the brilliant minds behind this. We have a lot of authors ready to start writing worlds for you, provided the campaign…

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ISBW #319 - Feedback

ISBW #319 – Feedback

I go through the feedback. Note, I didn’t get to all the feeback because I will soon have an interview with my agent, Jen Udden, and will ask her the remaining questions.

Hey! Did you know I have a Patreon account?* Support me and save puppies from giant hawk attacks! (or just support the show. That works too)

*not mentioned in the show because I set it up after I recorded this.

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Welcome from BoingBoing! And Patreon update

Welcome from BoingBoing! And Patreon update

Today BoingBoing posted an exclusive chapter from Ghost Train to New Orleans, and a little intro from me about ghosts!

And I put the Patreon up last night, and was a bit startled at how many people grabbed higher monthly payments. The five mentorships sold out quickly, and lots of people are paying for the access to the archives. I’m so excited!

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